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Did you know that latex is the world’s most durable bedding material?
Ventilation, support, longevity, and natural components are the main benefits of a latex mattress!

The ventilation of it’s open cell structure provides hypoallergenic features and resistance to bacteria.  The support of the latex mattress adapts to your body due to its elastic characteristics providing superior comfort for your bones, joints, and muscles. The longevity of latex cannot be beat.  It can hold it’s support and structure for 25 plus years. Natural Latex is well Natural.  It is not made with synthetic materials and petroleum based foams which can “off gas”. Natural latex is very safe and healthy surface to sleep on.

Why We Use It…
Natural latex mattresses, toppers, and pillows are made with organic materials that are harvested without the use of chemicals from the milk of the rubber tree. The rubber tree is used almost exclusively for the production of latex and is unharmed by the process.  Whether you prefer a plush or firm sleep surface,  Camarillo Mattress offers a wide range of products that address many sleep concerns.

How we use it
In natural latex mattresses, skilled artisans start with placing the natural Dunlop latex as the supportive more dense core. 

Then we utilize the softer Talalay latex with varying degrees of ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) which provides you with a graduated softer feel placing your body into its correct sleeping position. Studies show a top layer of softer latex does a superb job at relieving pressure points in your hips and shoulders especially if you are a side sleeper.  The optimal latex mattress utilizes a supportive core and a softer top layer for pressure relieving comfort.
Natural latex only uses natural (not synthetic) 100% Talalay and Dunlop latex. Natural latex is known to be inherently resilient.  It expands and conforms to the various levels of weight and pressure to which it is exposed and does an excellent job of relieving pressure points and causes less tossing and turning.  It’s both buoyant and supportive and contours your body instead of forcing your spine into a straight line.  The buoyancy of latex allows your spine and body to relax naturally.  Natural Latex is also considered the most durable of mattress ingredients.  Its longevity goes far beyond that of an innerspring or memory foam mattress.

Latex has a unique breathable ventilating system which reduces the chance of over- heating and keeps your body temperature regulated throughout the night.  The open-cell structure of our latex allows air to pass through naturally and dissipate quickly making it highly resistant to dust mites more so than any other foam.  This makes it the ideal choice for allergy sufferers!

The majority of mattress manufacturers use synthetics like polyurethane foams and petroleum based products that retain body heat and off-gass. This can cause night sweating and sleep disturbance.  In addition, visco-elastic foam also known as memory foam, when pressure is applied has a slower compression and recovery time than natural latex and thus traps in heat and does not provide as much support.  Latex bounces back and reduces memory.

Natural latex only uses natural ingredients that facilitate fresh airflow.  Body heat is wisped through and away from our products helping you maintain a great night’s sleep.

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